Kevin Esmeier

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Experienced technical professional with extensive background in management, audit/compliance, quality, technology procurement and communications across all levels. Interests include music, videography, productivity optimization, snorkeling and freediving.

Citizens Police Academy: Police Train Residents in Modern Policing Techniques

In our age of immediate information it’s easy to publish your opinion on social media of what you think an officer should have done in a given situation. You have the luxury of time to construct your armchair judgement, they have mere seconds to respond to a suspect's actions, real or perceived. Each officer trains for that moment, hoping it doesn’t come, yet they must respond if it does. Many of us couldn't handle such pressure and scrutiny after the incident.



Anyone near an office has endured some horrible PowerPoint presentations. Rather than seek revenge by making awful PowerPoints, learn some basic techniques that make your presentation engaging and memorable.

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